learning resources: Venn Perplexors

Amongst all the moving and settling we have been trying to do a bit more focus work.

Right now we are using Venn Perplexors from Mindware as a critical thinking/math activity right after breakfast.
They both seem to be enjoying their books.

Landon's (Level A) wants him to put the correct picture in the right circle. It has the word underneath so I have been having him write them out instead of just drawing  a line. I have seen a huge improvement in his handwriting by doing so.

William's (Level B) were a little tricky to begin with but we have figured them out. They are using beginning algebra. He has to input the numbers into the correct letter equations. He was frustrated at first but now that he has the idea he loves to do it all by himself and then check to see if he is correct. They are all based upon a nursery rhyme, which he reads aloud to me, so I can check is fluency in reading at the same time.

I had decided to get these after they had seen a Venn diagram in a book and said
"Hey, we know what those are!" I hadn't gone over it with them so I was wondering where they had learned about them. During their artists trading card class last winter they had designed cards using a Venn diagram. Of all places. Pretty cool.

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  1. Very cool. I love the way the children learn. Fun and with mom. Great job Rose. Love to all, XXOOO


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