**Today is a rainy day. I'm tired. Not sleeping too well. We stayed home and worked on more organizing and moving stuff. Got the attic completely organized. Have somewhat gotten my studio area set.**

**William made banana bread all by himself. I was in the attic. We had made one together yesterday, which got eaten already, so today he made a fresh batch all by himself. How awesome is that?**

**The boys played out in the rain, loving the stream which is flowing rapidly.**

**Discovered that Jay Peak is only 30 minutes away. So we have a nice choice of skiing to pick from this Winter.**

**Learned that our town only has a population of 1,300 people.**

**Been working hard on filling out paperwork for homeschooling. The regulations in Vermont are different than Connecticut.**

**We did end up buying a new car. Eric is so excited as it is a Jeep, something he has been wanting for a long time. I will drive it through the Winter until we are able to get another car that is a bit bigger. However, I am enjoying driving it myself so I may not to want to give it up:)**

**Have not picked up my knitting needles in over a month. I have so many projects I want to make. Need to get cracking.**

**The boys spent an hour this morning working in their Circle Journals.  William wrote two pages. I love when it is their idea and they thoroughly enjoy doing them.**

**Love that Eric is home every night for dinner. Something we have not had in a long time while he is working. I think this is one of the best perks of his new job.**

Have a lovely weekend!!!


  1. It all sounds fabulous and makes me want to move to VT pronto! 1300 people is the size town I would love to live in! Maybe someday..... :)

    1. 1300 is small. That is why everyone we have run into knows about the property we are renting and I am sure we will soon get to know many of the people. It's a cute little town. We are liking it so far.

    2. 1300 sounds perfect for me! Right now we live in a town (a city really) of 30,000 people. Way too big in my opinion. In a town of 1300 you definitely get to be known! :)


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