Civil War Encampment

Yesterday morning Will and Eric built a mailbox while Landon and I unpacked more boxes.

After lunch we were all up for a little exploring. So we took 20 minute drive and found this cool Civil War reenactment going on. The boys thought it was neat seeing the solders dressed and we learned a little about the life they led. Their favorite part was when they demonstrated how to clean and load the cannon and then we got to hear it shoot twice. Loud but exciting.

It is neat to check out the towns and area that surrounds us. We figured out that we are only about 30 minutes away from Smugglers Notch. One of our favorite places to ski in the Winter. The boys are so excited for every day to be a ski day. They haven't figured out yet that Mama can't ski this year. So we are hoping to find some sort of homeschool group that they can ski with while I wait in the lodge. And then there are the weekends with Dad.


  1. The uniforms are coming. Just taking longer than I thought. Then next year the boys can reenact along with this group. Love to all, XXXOOO

  2. Yay! Nothing like new adventures (complete with wonderful discoveries) to make each day even more fun filled!


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