We fell in love this weekend.

There have been lots of discussions of when was the right time. How we all felt about it. We miss having a sweet pup in the house.  We can never replace our Gritty, but wanted to add to the family.

We decided to just go take a look. Well, one out of a litter of 10 won over our hearts. He just kept coming back to us and wanting to jump into our laps. The boys were excited. We stepped away for a moment, to be sure. Everyone agreed that it felt right. It had to be a family decision. So we scooped up this little ball of fur and carried him home.

It has been so much fun to watch the boys run around and play with him. They wait anxiously while he naps so they can take him outside to play. They are sweet and gentle with him and love to take care of him.

It's a good thing.


  1. Yeah for new pups! Jaxson sure looks like a cutie. Enjoy him!

  2. Ohhhh......cutie pie! Enjoy him! Your adventure is amazing and I am glad you are blogging through it. The look on the boy's faces tells it all. Love him!

  3. Thanks guys. He is pretty awesome!

  4. Yay! Love that puppy face and love the smiles that Jaxson brings to your boys! :) It IS a good thing!

  5. Welcome Jaxson to the family. You are adorable and are in for a whole world of fun, adventuring with the boys. Love to all and an extra belly rub for Jaxson. Love, XXXOOO

  6. What fun wow he is so cute !!! love his little wrinkles and eye sand looks like he loves the boys


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