moving days

Yeah! We finally got a decent internet connection last night.  More thanks to Eric than the actual company, but either way we are happy to be connected to the outside world.

So to back it up a bit. A few pictures from the day we moved out of our Connecticut home.

Two days later when the truck arrived at our Vermont house. I was so busy directing where things should go, plus trying to clean up the kitchen so at least we could have a one nice room right away, I never got a chance to take any other pictures besides the boys standing by the truck.  It was a big truck. 80 feet!
Most everything made it safely off the truck. We had only one slight mishap with one piece of furniture, so I would say it was a good move. I was so nervous about the move because I had heard too many awful stories from friends and relatives about their experiences.  I am so happy that ours was a positive one right from start to finish. Thanks to all the hard work and care the movers put in I was rather relaxed. Good for a pregnant Mama.

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