a morning walk

The boys wanted to give me a little tour of all that they have been doing in the woods this past week, and for us to be able to explore a bit more now that I was with them.

First, though, we had to head down the driveway to our new mailbox and mail off some letters to a very special person. 

It felt great to get out into the woods. The boys have been out every day for hours but I must confess I have not. I have been so preoccupied with the unpacking and organizing. My body needed to get out. So we did.

It will be something we are hoping to do EVERY morning. I made a priority list for our home school and being in nature was at the top. I watched as they sent sticks down the stream. We discussed why sometimes the sticks got stuck- currents and such. They are learning to appreciate nature.

When the wind blew and the leaves fell, Landon said "Isn't it just beautiful , Mama?"

I replied, it was, and even more beautiful because I get to experience it with them.

We are slowly getting into a new rhythm, and it's a good one.


  1. Happy to hear you are settling in. Your new surroundings look beautiful. Enjoy!

  2. I think Mom and Dad along with God was sitting on Eric's shoulders when he got this job in Vermont. Just perfect for everyone !!!! We don't get to see fall like that in the south. Can't wait to get up there . Hugs and love to all.

  3. The pictures are beautiful, paths, woods, streams and climbing trees. Your property is wonderful. It would be hard not to want to spend time outdoors every day. What grand adventures the boys will have with their imaginations. Just think each season will have it's own set of surprises. Tread quietly and you might see some woodland animals. XXXOOO

  4. I love that this is your new backyard! How awesome!

  5. Just gorgeous! Makes me want to move to VT even more than I already do! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!


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