Thursday afternoon

We headed out this afternoon to visit a library and meet up with some local homeschoolers. They meet once a month for a project day. We did not bring anything to share today but just went to meet some new people. The library was nice and the boys got along with a few of the kids. They said they go back, which is good.

On the way home we stopped at a local farm stand and they picked out their carving pumpkins.

Halloween is approaching fast this year.

I usually do not tend to get to worried about costumes because they tend to chose from their variety of dress up clothes from Grammy. However, William is trying something new this year. He wants to be a magician. We have most of the necessary clothing except black pants and shirt. He needs them to be just right he says. I say we can make do, but not him. So we are trying to find them at Goodwills or thrift shops but are not having too much luck. They are far and few between here. Hoping that tomorrow's outings will lead us to just what he wants.


  1. Glad to hear you are hooking up with other homeschoolers, and that the boys are enjoying it. Good luck on the costume hunt.

  2. We are a bit behind on the costumes here as well. Lilah is being Taylor Swift which is easy since she has everything she needs (except coyboy boots) but Grace wants to be a meteorologist from The Weather Channel. Ugh. She has to make labels for her jacket, her baseball hat, use a microphone from the Wii and I have no idea what else. She always picks the most obscure costumes. One year she was a dog walker! Good luck!

  3. Black shirt and black pants huh? Hope you find what you are looking for. Love, XXXOOO


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