Our weekend was so grand in just the plain normalness of life with a little extra spice thrown in here and there.

A visit to a new butcher to check out their meats.
Dad waiting patiently for the boys to eat a sandwich. I didn't want them eating in my new car.
The first lost tooth!!!
Barber shop play.
New yarn. I found  a local fiber co-op. All the yarns are hand-spun and dyed from 10 local farms. A new project was started for the baby.
Tooth fairy pillow making. I loved how I had my little boy right next to me helping the whole time.
Polishing up an old desk from my  Grandmother. It came out so nice. This is my new sewing table. So excited to have it out and at the ready.
 Working on a household project for mommy.
 We ended the weekend with a charity dinner for Breast Cancer.


  1. What a wonderful weekend. I am really glad you participated in the breast cancer fund raiser. I am sure done in loving memory of your mom. October is breast cancer awareness month. What is the project Eric and Will are working on? Can't wait to see the finished product. Love to all, XXXOOO

  2. Congratulations Landon. One tooth down and several more to go. XXXOOO


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