our first week in VT

This week we have been at home mostly trying to unpack boxes and place furniture in the right places. I have had tons of help from the boys. Finding old favorites here and there.  We have worked hard long days and by night fall I am beat.

They have explored the woods surrounding our house. We got walkie talkies so every now and again they check in with me. I can't see them all the time so it makes me feel better when I have a general idea where they are. William is loving talking to  me through it. He called me every 5 minutes the first day just to say hi or tell me he loved me. 

On Thursday we had to go into town for a few errands. We decided to also check out another town close by. I was itching to find a thrift store. We also discovered a pretty cool antique store. SO many pieces I could buy for the house. I had to take Eric back today to show him all that I love. We came home with a neat little bench for the mudroom. Something to sit on while putting on and taking off shoes.  I also found 2 desks for the boys. Working on convincing Eric they are good investments. The one for Landon is an old style school desk and is so cute! Eric is just afraid he will outgrow it too quickly. We do have another one on the way though:)
We also found a roadside farm stand to pick up a few gourds and pumpkins.

Driving on the country road we found Joey's Junction Cafe and Bakery. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Amazing treats, maple syrup and meals that look awesome.  I believe we will be frequenting there.

It has been a good first week. Every time we drive down the road  I am amazed at what I get to look at through my window. Such amazing scenery. Seriously.


  1. Can't wait until our next VT trip so we can come see you. Seems like you are in your element. Now to find some homeschool friends and you will be golden. For now you have your long distance friends. Glad to see how happy you all look.

  2. Beautiful scenery, beautiful boys, beautiful mom and dad. Love to all, XXXOOO


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