another happy day

Today we visited with the boys' Great Grandmother. It was another beautiful day outside. So we had lunch and then went to a nature center.  It was great to be outside once again without sweating, but also so wonderful to see the boys connecting with someone very special to us.  This is when I am so grateful we don't live within the confines of a schedule and have school dictate our time.  Spending hours with precious family is so important. Hearing tales of the past, learning secrets about their Grammy when she was little. Moments like these enhance our lives.

There was this awesome playground that we spent some time playing on. It is built into the side of a hill in the woods. Great fun!

I am so glad that we can visit in one day and hopefully we will do it more often. The boys so enjoy GG.  They even got her to go our on her balcony which she is a bit afraid of since it is so high.  They were so proud of themselves for convincing her to join them out there.

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  1. Thought about all of you all day long. So glad you could spend time together. Stories from the favorite. Love, XXXOOO


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