After waiting what seemed like forever, the boys went to their first night of BMX racing this week. They rode around that track for two hours practicing and then got to participate in three races.

We had a few crashes but they got right back up and kept on riding. That is how I know how much they loved it, there was no time for breaks they told me.  

It is quite the sight to see, there are so many racers of all ability levels. We are headed into new territory here, but it seems like it is going to be a good experience.  
 Every race William had he came in 4th out of 5 riders but that didn't deter him. He only said that next week he was going to do better.
Landon was last every time in his races but he was happy enough just to be riding.

The nights are late and the day after is a full day of rest, but I think the best part about it being at night is that Daddy can meet us there and be a part of it.

Summer nights full of fun await us....

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  1. Go 862 GO. Great sport. Enjoy! Love, XXXOOO


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