special day

A simple day with lots of preparations.  I had lots of help organizing dinner and setting the table. The boys took such pride in how the table came out and wanted everything to be a surprise.  Why all the fuss?

 If the brownies look a little short on length, this is why....
 A certain being in this house decided they had to give it a test taste. HINT: She has 4 legs!
 We made the best of it and it still tasted delicious!

I enjoyed how Eric wanted it to be a night at home. We were able to make it special with our personal touches.  It was a very relaxing evening. 

Happy Birthday my sweet love.

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  1. Happy Birthday to our first born. What a great way to celebrate your birth. We are celebrating too, in FL thinking of you and your birth story, One dark stormy night... Love M & D XXXOOO


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