strawberries and jam

 We made it to the farm for fresh picked strawberries earlier this week before the rain came in. Just before the season has ended too.  Then we got to making jam.  Of course I was a little late in my thinking and as I went looking for a canning kit they were nowhere to be found, except online, and I needed one ASAP.  So I did a little research and found freezer jam recipes.  All I need was sugar and pectin. But then as I went to the store and really looked at the pectin I decided I did not want all the added ingredients. Really, I just wanted fresh berries mushed up that would last for a bit.  More research and I discovered there is a natural fruit pectin you can use.(Thanks Rachel)  Thankfully my natural food store carried it. 

So we spent an afternoon making jam. The boys helped hull and mash, mix and stir. It came out great.

We used strawberries, honey and fruit pectin.  There were recipes in the pectin box that were helpful and easy to follow along.  As the summer goes on and we pick more fruit I will hopefully get a canning kit because our freezer is not that big.

We are loving the jam though.


  1. positively adorable photos!!

  2. Great pictures! We love Pamona's Pectin but I did not know that you could use it to make freezer jam too! I would much rather do that than use the pre-made freezer jam packet. Fruit, honey and pectin sounds good to me! :) Is it just the recipe in the Pamona's box or did you find it somewhere else?!

    We are looking forward to making (and canning!) lots of delicious things this season!

  3. We are just doing a lot of freezing. We are still drinking green smoothies almost every day and we plan on stocking up on lots of frozen fresh fruit so we will not have to buy as much over the winter. I think we will look into a small deep freezer...

  4. Hi Shel,

    There are recipes in the box for freezer and regular canning. I learned about it with a recipe from Rachel over at Clean

  5. Yummy jam and great helpers. I think of all the wonderful things you do with the boys and for the boys and my heart if full to overflowing. Love to all, XXXOOO

  6. Thanks, Rosemarie! I cannot wait to try it out! We love Pomona's Pectin and would be thrilled to have a freezer jam that uses it! I never thought to check the instruction packet for recipes. Just mixed up the calcium water and never looked any further! :)


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