phone photos

A few weeks ago, Eric finally had it with my old phone. I was having trouble getting messages and it never really wanted to work when I needed it to, so I got upgraded.  I got a phone like his. I can now take pictures, video, check my email, look up stuff online and get apps- which the boys love- but I am still learning all that. I really am not that advance with technology.  Even thought that is what my husband does for  a living. IT DRIVES HIM CRAZY!

Its great for those moments when I just don't have my big camera with me for some odd reason.

So here are the pictures I have take so far.

And these are ones I didn't even know I took. (I told you I was still learning how to work this phone.)

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  1. Good for you. Love all the pictures. What fun to see the random pictures you didn't know you took. I am very impressed. I still can't navigate Facebook for goodness sake. XXXOOO


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