dark skies

The day was a sunny hot one but within a few minutes the afternoon sky turned dark. Really dark. The rain came and came and came. Thunder roared. Lightening flashed and crackled. Boys hid under tables. Dog barked crazily.

A summer thunderstorm at its best. I personally loved every minute but not all in this house can say the same. So we snuggled in bed and read books. A boy on each side, drifted into dreams easily and calm.  Being Near mama can do wonders, as does their presence help a mama.  Having their little body close to mine I remember why I became a mama. To love with all my heart, to protect with all my might and be there always and forever.

1 comment:

  1. What a good mama. I too love thunderstorms but as a child I was terrified. Love the way you love your boys. XXXOOO


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