day out

Since today was our adventuring day I thought it would be great to go  see The Nina and The Pinta, replicas of Christopher Columbus' ships.  The boys thought it sounded neat to be able to walk on the boats, but in the end were not impressed.  We only were able t o walk on top and not below where the cabins were so it was a bit disappointing. I guess some things just go that way.

It was rather hot, 95* so we ended up at a state beach which they have been wanting to go to for awhile.

We played in the water and climbed rocks.  Just what they were looking for.


A day that started out "so so" but ended up just right. I only wish the temperature inside my house didn't say 89*.  I do enjoy the beach but I will take the cold any day.


  1. I love that beach. I used to go there often when I was in high school. We will miss you tomorrow but hopefully this will kick off a series of exhibits over the next year. I want to give my girls a chance to display their work a bit closer to home than Bethel...

  2. Love all the pictures. Sorry about the so so ships. Could have been great. Love to all, XXXOOO

  3. I agree! Give me cold any day over these crazy high temps! We love being outside but on days that it's oppressively hot there is just no way!

    So glad that your day ended on such a great note! The pictures of the boys are fabulous, but I think the last one is my favorite!

  4. Hot down here too but we are used to it now although it came quicker than usual . No rain for months. So dry the squirrels are drinking out of the pool.Last day of school tomorrow,The boys seem to enjoy all their outings.


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