The past week has been HOT HOT HOT but today was something different.  The air was crisp, clean and just so delightful.  Blue skies with  puffy white clouds.  Leaves blowing in the breeze.  This was going to be an amazing day.

I was in such a good mood that we went and got bagels for breakfast and headed to the grocery store.  I have been trying to buy many of our dry goods in bulk from Amazon, plus we order our meat online, so it makes our shopping trips just a little bit easier.  Dairy, produce and a few essentials that we can't yet get online.

So we were home in time to spend time outside before lunch.  Baseball, fort building and drawing captured our moods.

Lunch, castle play, artistic creations time: which I am loving our activities as of late.

Then our sweet girl was in need of a walk.  It was too beautiful to just go around the block. So we headed into the woods.  There is a great place about a mile down the road from us.

We found this guy right at the end. He was in a pile of mulch. It must have been warm, he looked so cozy.

Plus we got to do a little water play afterwards.

I love days like to day.  They certainly make up for the ones where there is so much bickering and ickyness. (yesterday was one of those)


  1. Oh to spend a day so delightfully. So glad you were able to just soak in life's goodness. Love to all, XXXOOO

  2. what a wonderful day! I love those. That looks like the Eli Whitney museum. I only hiked there once but loved it!

  3. Um, that turtle was a girl, and was laying her eggs! They dig a nest in compost as it produces sufficient heat for the eggs to develop. You should look up how long snapping turtle eggs take, and head back on hatching day to see if you can spot any! They are very cute as babies!

  4. OK Kim, Thanks for the proper info. I looked up about their nesting and the eggs incubate for 80 days, so we are thinking mid -August. However this pile of mulch is right on the edge of the sidewalk by a busy road so hopefully they will be protected.


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