unexpected visitor

My brother flew into the state from far away California for a local golf tournament and we were planning on seeing him this Sunday, but plans changed and last night we visited instead. The boys were so excited to see their Uncle. We don't get to see him very often. Plus it was a stay up very late night, which they loved. Eating ice cream at 10:00pm. Crazy!  It was such fun to see them hang out with my brother. They had so much to share with him.  I do wish we were closer to visit more and that the boys could know their cousins a little more. But that's what makes these little visits so special and one they will remember.


  1. loved seeing you guys...thanks for showing me all of you drawings and rooms...you guys are awesome
    uncle ed

  2. What a nice surprise. I can imagine the fun of it all. XXXOOO


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