a day of 8

There was some early rising today as there was much excitement for the big day. Our original plans of amusement park fun was cancelled by the rainy weather but we managed to have a pretty exciting day in the end.

 Painting by Landon

 New Rollerblades
 The Famous Cake( 4 years running)

Then we headed out to some indoor/outdoor entertainment centers. We did it all. Two rounds of mini-golf, basketball, batting cages, lazer tag, paintball shooting, arcade games, and go karts.  It was great because we had the place to ourselves and the boys had a wonderful time. A very special treat since we don't frequent these kinds of places too often,

 Lastly, an early dinner out to Hibachi. William is becoming quite the creature of habit. Same cake, same dinner every year.  It was a super special day  for a super special boy.

Happy Birthday William!


  1. Happy Birthday William. We love you and want to hear all about being 8. Love, XXXOOO G & G

  2. Awesome Day for an awesome birthday boy! I love his dinner choice! Hope to see you when we get back from our trip!


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