index card a day

 I was searching around last week and came across a pretty cool blog.  Tammy was offering an easy  summer challenge. Just five minutes a day is all you need, so I we jumped in. A few days late but we're just doing two cards a day instead for now.  The boys are loving it and coming up with some neat ideas. So we have another creative moment added into our day. 



  1. always a great idea to encourage the kids to enjoy art! looks like you all had fun & got colorful!

  2. Oh this makes me wish my 8th month year old could make his own too !

  3. wow!!! I love that you three are all making cards, a fun bit of creative time each day together!

  4. Love the way you join in with the boys Rose. Love the cards. Now if you make index cards into post cards and send them to loved ones wouldn't that be great? Love, XXXOOO


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